Stock Hand Grips

Stock hand grips are available in our most popular styles, sizes, and materials. They are available for immediate shipment and can be ordered in smaller quantities than most of our grips.

Like all of our grips, these stock grips can be decorated with your company logo to add extra value to your product.

Round & Straight Grips


Softex (Dip Molded)
Softex hand grips are the durable alternative to foam rubber grips. The exclusive rubberized compound holds up under the most adverse environmental conditions while still providing a soft feel. Its non-slip, no gloss finish provides a secure hold for applications ranging from hand tools to health care.

Vynafoam (Dip Molded)
Vynafoam is our unique proprietary material that combines the look and cushion of foam grips with the durability of vinyl. It mimics the look of traditional foam grips in that the surface of the grip has an exposed cell structure that provides a superior non-slip finish.

Flexfit Vinyl (Dip Molded – 701)
Flexfit grips or basic round grips are constructed from a tough, flexible vinyl that will not shed, crack, or split. They resist weather, moisture, oxidation, and petroleum products while providing excellent insulation properties.

The Straight Grip (Injection Molded)
The Popular Straight Grip features a very simple and traditional design.  This grip is designed to fit securely on a standard 1” diameter bar, but the flexible nature of the material can also conform to other shapes as long as the outside circumference allows for a secure fit.

Hunt Wilde Cross Reference: Model RTX


Contoured & Molded Grips


Flanged Tapered Grip
The unique design of these Flanged Tapered Grips makes them ideal for applications requiring consistent hand placement.  The tapered design keeps the users hand from drifting off the end of the grip while the abrupt flange resists any forward movement.   These grips have proven to be very popular choice for bicycles, fitness equipment, and a variety of tools and equipment.

Hunt Wilde Cross Reference: AT Models


Rib-Finned Grips
These injection molded grips offers a unique look and added comfort over many other grip styles.  Closely spaced ribs made from a low durometer flexible vinyl material provide cushioning and vibration dampening qualities that have made these grips ideal for bicycles, outdoor power equipment, and many other applications.

Hunt Wilde Cross Reference: SAT Models


Honeycomb Grip
The unique design of these injection molded hex or honeycomb grips makes them stand out from the traditional straight grip in terms of both appearance and performance. The hexagonal pattern provides an upscale look while enhancing comfort with its non-slip, vibration dampening design.


The Classic Finger Grip
The Classic Finger Grip is known by many as the original bicycle grip. Of course, over the years, bicycles have evolved and so have their grips.  Still, finger or bike grips remain a popular choice for applications ranging from kids toys to garden tools.

Hunt Wilde Cross Reference: Models FG and NFG


Contour Nubbed Grips
Contour Nubbed Grips are essentially based on the design of the original bicycle grips. The convenient finger nubs make these grips comfortable and easy to use making these grips a popular choice for applications ranging from kids toys to garden tools.


Contour Ribbed Grips
The unique design of these ribbed grips makes them stand out from the traditional straight grip. The flexible vinyl material provides a conforming fit and makes installation quick and easy while the internal channels insure a secure hold.


Foam Grips & Tubes


Foam Hand Grips (FHGs)
Measuring 4.5” and 5” respectively, the FHG-22 and FHG-3 are stocked in four different inside diameters making these grips ideal for a wide variety of applications.  They are constructed from a rugged NPVC foam and feature thick walls for added comfort and durability.

Buffed Foam Grips
Available in 4 popular sizes, these foam grips feature a standard straight design with tow radiused ends.  They are constructed from a rugged NPVC foam and feature .200” thick walls for added comfort and durability.


Smooth Foam Tubes (NPVC)
NPVC Foam Tubes are available in 26” lengths in 4 popular diameters.  NPVC foam has excellent vibration dampening qualities and good weathering capabilities. Tubes used primarily for grips come in medium density foam and feature a wall thickness of just over ¼”.  Foams tubes to be used as pads are made from low density foam and features a wall thickness of just under ½”.


Foam Grip Wrap
GripWorks Grip Wrap, featuring our exclusive Durablend® Foam, is an innovative solution for re-gripping tools and other equipment whose original grips have worn thin. It is ideal for OEM applications where traditional grips or sleeves cannot be applied during the manufacturing process.

Flat Grips  

Vinyl Flat Grips
GripWorks offers the industry’s most complete line of these hard-to-find flat grips. They are designed to fit rectangular bars that are commonly used on tools, ball valves, and levers.