Softex Grips

Softex hand grips are the durable alternative to foam rubber grips. The exclusive rubberized compound holds up under the most adverse environmental conditions while still providing a soft feel. Its non-slip, no gloss finish provides a secure hold for applications ranging from hand tools to health care.

As one of our most popular materials, Softex is also very economical; it typically is a fraction of the cost of foam rubber grips! Softex grips are also molded with one closed end so as not to require an end cap like most extruded foam grips.

Our standard softex material will work on most styles of tooling although the soft nature of this compound does not provide for an extremely tight fit when used on anything but round tooling. For other styles, we typically recommend using a higher durometer Softex formula or double dipping the grip.

Softex grips can also be decorated, punched, or sliced for added value.