Flexfit Vinyl Grips

Flexfit grips come in a wide variety of different options, but they are all based on the same tough, flexible vinyl that will not shed, crack, or split. They resist weather, moisture, oxidation, and petroleum products while providing excellent insulation properties. Most formulas are available in a wide variety of colors.

Flexfit 701: Our workhorse material. Enjoy a huge selection of vibrant colors in a shiny exterior finish. Durable, economical, and easy to decorate.

Flexfit 727: Similar to 701, with the exception of its matte finish. Excellent option for those wanting to avoid shiny grips.

Flexfit 750: The standard material for contour nubbed grips and contour ribbed grips, this is a slightly harder version of 701.

Flexfit 722: Our hardest material, Flexfit 722 is great for applications requiring extremely durable grips where comfort or softness are not important.

Flexfit materials can be used on any style tooling and can be decorated, punched, or sliced for added value.