Custom Grips – Plastic

Custom designed hand grips are our primary focus at GripWorks. In fact, our goal to continually develop innovative designs for our customers has made us a pioneer in the field of custom designed hand grips. Our development of the double dipping process has allowed for numerous advancements in grip technology while our constant creation of new materials continues to enhance and improve the look, feel, and performance of these products.

Our Design Process
Experienced in the art of ergonomic design, our engineers utilize state-of-the-art computerized design engineering software to draft a custom grip specifically for your application. Our in house tool shop can then construct a working prototype at a fraction of the cost of injection molded grips. These prototypes can typically be made within a few weeks and revisions can be made quickly and inexpensively.

GripWorks Custom Innovations:

  • Dual Wall grips that utilize durable internal liners with soft consumer- friendly exteriors.

  • Two color grips that enhance the consumer appeal of a product.

  • Channel grips that expand the outside diameter of a grip to make it more ergonomic.

  • Foam Plastic grips utilizing our proprietary Tuffoam® and Vynafoam materials.

Work with the experts. At GripWorks, hand grips are what we do. You can take comfort in knowing that the people designing your custom grip have years of experience and knowledge in hand grip design.