Splined Foam Tubes or Sleeves

An interesting variation on the standard foam tube, splined foam tubes (or sleeves) contain a number of exterior ribs designed to enhance the appearance of the part. They are a cost effective way to add value. Like other foam tubes, one can radius the ends for an even more attractive finish.


ID: Splined foam tubes can be made in practically any inside diameter. For most applications, we recommend using grips that are 0.125” smaller than the handle that they will be covering. This downsizing will factor in the tolerances and still provide a tight fit. Longer grips may not require a full 0.125” downsizing to fit tightly. All splined foam tubes are made to order.

Wall Thickness: Generally speaking, the thicker the grip, the more comfortable it will feel and the more it will cost. Our standard wall thickness is two tenths of an inch (0.200”). This thickness offers plenty of cushion while maintaining adequate durability for most applications. Thicker walls can be made for those wishing to use the foam tubes as pads.

Length: While there are no mechanical limitations that limit the length of a splined foam tube, some limitations exist in regards to packaging and shipping. For tubes with radiused ends, the maximum length is approximately 25”.

Materials: Splined foam tubes can be made in a variety of materials and densities including NPVC and EPDM.

Finishing Operations:
Splined foam tubes can be punched, sliced, or custom packaged, but the extrerior ribs do not allow for printing. Go to our finishing section for more information.