Vynaprene Grips

The closest you can come to a rubber grip with vinyl, Vynaprene offers the non-slip rubbery feel of Santoprene® in a low cost, dip molded material.

It is great for enhancing the value of all types of hand tools, fitness products, garden tools, and other household products. The dual wall construction not only provides for excellent durability, but also allows for two color grips that add to the consumer appeal of any item.

Vynaprene resists cracking or splitting and has excellent weathering properties. It looks, acts, and feels like a rubber grip. It is always used as a surface material on a double dipped grip, so it is not available for use on all styles of tooling. Please consult a sales representative for availability.

Vynaprene grips can also be decorated, punched, or sliced for added value.