Hanger Grips

Add value to your product with the help of a GripWorks hanger grip. These grips are great for all kinds of tools, brooms, brushes, utensils, and other products that people like to hang for storage.

Each hanger grip has convenient finger nubs that make them comfortable and easy to use. They can be made in extremely bright and vibrant colors and are easy to decorate for fully promoting any brand.

Hanger grips are available to fit the three most popular bar sizes, but hanger features can be incorporated into a wide variety of custom grip designs.

Double Dipping
Due to the manufacturing method used to achieve these hanger features, double dip designs are limited. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

Material selection is somewhat limited for this product line as not all materials will allow the hanger eyelets to form properly. Standard materials are our Flexfit and Softex varieties.

Finishing Operations
Hanger grips feature a nice top section that can be utilized for printing one’s logo, warnings, or operation instructions. Go to our finishing section for more information.


Hanger Grips
Inside Diameter "A"
Max Length B"
Nominal Wall Thickness "C"
in ±.010
mm ±0.25
0.710 18.03 4.250 107.95 0.085 2.16
0.845 21.46 4.250 107.95 0.095 2.41
0.970 24.64 4.250 107.95 0.095 2.41
Chart for typical single dip wall specs - Formulas (Flexfit, etc.)