Plastic Dip Molded Grips

As the industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom plastic hand grips, GripWorks has assembled a selection of hand grip sizes, styles, and materials that is unrivaled throughout the world. By utilizing the dip molding manufacturing process and automated double dipping methods, GripWorks is able to create grips in different lengths, wall thicknesses, material characteristics, and surface textures without tooling charges.

Another option is the injection molded hand grips, which can deliver repeatable high tolerances and typically has no need for finish work after molding.

A GripWorks representative can help guide you through the process for designing a plastic hand grip for your application. Standard styles are listed below or you can create a custom grip with the help of our design engineering team. Once a style has been selected, you can select the grip material that is right for your application.


Dip Molded Plastic Materials

At the heart of GripWorks’ design capabilities lies its vast selection of materials. We classify these materials into six main categories based on their appearance, and within each group many variations apply. We also have custom materials for those with very unique needs.

Most materials are available in a variety of colors and some come in a variety of durometers. Many softer materials are used in our double dipping process to achieve dual wall grips.

Vary the look and functionality of your hand grips by utilizing our double dip process. This unique process allows you to combine durable inside liners with soft comfortable exteriors. You can also design two color grips with this process for more consumer appeal.