Finishing Operations for Grips

GripWorks offers a full array of finishing operations to satisfy all of your requirements. The below operations are applicable to all of our foam grips and vinyl grips, including tool grips, handle grips, and just about any grip application possible.


Our in-house finishing department utilizes silkscreen, pad printing, heat stamp, and decal machines to apply single or multi-color prints. Print your company name, address, trademark, warnings, or instructions.
High gloss plastisol inks fuse into vinyl and won't flake or fade.


Whether you need a hole punched in the closed end of a grip, an air slit to allow air to escape, or a half moon cut out of the open end of a sleeve, GripWorks will utilize its high speed punching machines to create a cost effective alternative to custom molding. Punching dies made in our tooling fabrication department create clean punches without shredding.


Most vinyl products can be converted from grips to sleeves with a simple slicing operation performed in our finishing department.


Need parts that are free of mold lubricants? Utilize our industrial washing process to ensure parts are void of any external substance.


Is your product headed for a retail store? If so, you probably need a package for your product. GripWorks can design clamshell or blister packaging to meet your needs. Send us your product, we'll apply the grips or tubes, create the package, assemble all parts into the package, and place the assembled packages into boxes for distribution. Complete fulfillment all under one roof. You save time and money with less hassle. For additional information, please consult your GripWorks sales represeentative.