Dual Wall Grips (Double Dip)

One of the many innovations attributed to GripWorks is the development of dual wall grips utilizing a proprietary double dipping technology. This process was to better satisfy our customers’ never ending desire for grips that were extremely comfortable, but that did not wear down or puncture after continued use.

By utilizing technology from a sister division that manufactured insulated beverageware, GripWorks engineers were able to create a process that would allow them to manufacture extremely durable hand grips covered with a layer of soft material. It is an in-line process whereby the materials are fused together before they fully cure to produce a one piece grip that will not separate.

One of the most important aspects of this development was that GripWorks could create very soft materials that previously would not be able to function as grips.
Over the years, the popularity of these double dipped grips has soared. In fact, you will now find our two color, dual wall hand grips on many of the world’s most popular and respected hand tools.

Typical applications for dual wall grips utilize a hard inside liner with one of our softer materials like Vynaprene, Vynafoam, Polysuede, or Tuffoam. Of course, this process can also be used with other materials for achieving wall thickness or cost targets.

The double dipping process can be used on many different styles of tooling and with a number of materials. Please consult a sales representative to see if this process can be utilized for your hand grip application.