Custom Foam Grips

Given the relatively low cost for tooling, custom foam grips are a very popular choice among our customers. Choose the exact size that you want then add some nubs, grooves, or an ergonomic design.

Sizes ID: Custom foam grips can be made with virtually any inside diameter. For most applications, we recommend using grips that are 0.125” smaller than the handle that they will be covering. This downsizing will factor in the tolerances and still provide a tight fit. It is important to note that while grips can be made with many different inside diameters, this internal channel must be consistent throughout the grip.

Wall Thickness: Custom grips can be made in wall thicknesses up to about 0.650” thick although the typical wal thickness is approxamately 0.250” thick.

Length: Tooling can be designed to make custom buffed grips in most lengths with a maximum of 25”.

Materials: Custom buffed foam grips can be made in many densities and a variety of materials including NPVC and EPDM. Note, any buffed or ground grip will typically lose two to three pounds of density.

Finishing Operations: Foam hand grips can be printed, punched, sliced, or custom packaged. Go to our finishing section for more