Contour Angle Grips

These variations to our standard contour nubbed grips incorporate a more modern look while still maintaining the functional characteristics of this classic grip.

Contour angle grips are available for 7/8”and 1” bars, but can be custom made to your exact specifications.

Double Dipping
Contour angle grips can be utilized in the double dipping process for creating more functional or attractive grips. These typically involve a hard liner material and a soft overlay.


Most of our Flexfit vinyl grip materials perform well as Contour Angle grips. The softer materials typically require a liner material in order to function properly and not slip on the bar.

Finishing Operations
Angle grips can be printed, punched or sliced into sleeves. Go to our finishing section for more information.


Contour Angle Grips
Inside Diameter "A"
Max Length "B"
Nominal Wall Thickness "C"
in ±.062
mm ±1.57
in ±.010
mm ±.25
CAG-1 0.790 20.07 4.500 114.30 0.080 2.03
CAG-4 0.960 24.38 4.750 120.65 0.080 2.03